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A low budget website solution for natural health therapists guaranteed to get results

The idea for this service was sparked by a request from my friend Lynn Vereenooghe who is the owner of the Middle School of Complementary Medicine in North West London. Lynn has been teaching therapists for 30 years and she asked me if I could create a low budget website solution that would enable her students to easily build their own professional looking, effective website.

Most therapists starting their business don’t have lots of money to spend with the best web design & marketing agencies.

But if they make their website all by themselves, without a roadmap, or if they use a cheap web designer, then they’re not likely to end up with a website that is as effective as it could be.

So we wanted to create a solution that would not only be affordable to most therapists but actually gives them something that could be just as effective as a website built by an expensive web designer!


Before designing the solution I decided to analyse a lot of natural therapy websites. I wanted to see which websites were obviously well designed and effective client generators, and also what was likely not working and ineffective. I probably looked at well over 300 different websites. I talk about this in more detail in my free webinar.

I found that virtually all the websites I looked at had at least one of the following six problems:

They were too slow to grab the attention of site visitors and/or were ineffective at communicating how they could help people.

They had no local search engine optimisation (this is crucial if you are targetting people in your local area).

They didn't capture email addresses leaving no way to follow-up with people who might be interested but didn't get in touch on their first site visit.

They had no clearly defined target audience, speciality or unique selling point.

The website was not optimized for mobile. This is crucial when more than 50% of your site visitors will see your site on a mobile device.

The overall design looked outdated or unprofessional.

The Solution

Any effective solution, no matter how expensive or inexpensive should ideally address all six of those issues or the website is unlikely to consistantly generate new clients.

I thought the best solution was to create a service that is partially done for you and partially do it yourself.

There’s no shortage of low cost DIY solutions out there, but unless you’re already an expert in online marketing, you’re not likely to create something that’s effective.

However, a fully done for you service is going to be cost prohibitive for many people.

What I created was a WordPress theme that any therapist can use to build an effective website. Not only does it look great (on all devices), and is easy to customize, but it also guides you into creating effective content.

Introducing The Effective Therapist WordPress Theme

The Effective Therapist WordPress Theme is a low budget web design solution for therapists that gives you everything you need to get results. 

This service is partly done for you and partly do it yourself. Using a simple and intuitive visual editor all you have to do is easily insert your own content. 


Professional and Modern Looking Design, Easy to Customise

Having a professional looking site is important for your credibility. We’ve made the design simple, clean and reassuringly professional looking. No one will think this was done on the cheap!

However, the design can easily be customised to your tastes in a multitude of different ways. You can change all the images and select from a wide variety of layouts for your content.

Built Using The DIVI Theme Builder

This theme was built using Divi Theme Builder. Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a completely new website building platform that replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a vastly superior visual editor. It gives you the power to create spectacular designs with surprising ease and efficiency.

You will love how easy it is to edit your website, or create new pages and/or new content sections. 

Guides You Into Writing Effective Content

One of the main reasons why many websites fail to make an impact and turn visitors into customers is because the content fails to capture attention, and often  focuses on the wrong things. Many DIY web building services essentially provide you with a blank page and give no guidance on writing effective content. This service doesn’t write your content for you, but instead provides you with placeholder content and headines that will guide you into providing the information that your potential clients are looking for.

However, the placeholder content that we provide is just a guide. You are not forced to write only what we suggest. You can modify, add to, or completely remove our suggestions.

Designed with Local Search Engine Optimisation in Mind

Search Engine Optimisation is essential if you want your website to be found in search engines like Google. We will do some of your search engine optimisation for you. However, if you create additional pages yourself, all out templates guide you into inserting 

Looks Great on all Mobile Devices

This is a ‘responsive’ theme which means that it automatically adapts to the screen size of the viewing device and will be easy to read. More than half of your site visitors will be viewing your website on a mobile device and so it’s essential that your website is mobile friendly.

Easily Integrates with Email Marketing Services

Building your email list is a key part of any online marketing strategy. We’ve built in sections where you can collect email addresses of your site visitors (and offer something of value in exchange). The theme easily integrates with all the most popular email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and Constant Contact.

What we do for you

This is a partly done for you service, and partly do it yourself. Here’s what we do for you.


Setup and Optimize WordPress

You don’t have to worry about doing any kind of installation. All that will be taken care of. But not only that, we’ll also install and setup several WordPress plugins that will make your site run as fast as possible and provide awesome search engine optimisation capabilities.


Setup Your Core Pages

We’ll setup your core pages. This includes the Homepage, About Page, Contact Page and up to 4 pages about your services (ie. different therapies you offer ). However, you will need to write and insert your own content into these pages.


Blog Setup

If you wish to have a blog (something we strongly recommend) then we will setup the blog for you.


On-page Local Search Optimisation

For the core pages that we setup for you, we will also do your local search engine optimisation. This will give you a much better chance of ranking higher in Google and other search engines.  


Setup Your Header & Footer

The header and footer of your website contains your contact information, site navigation, and also social media links if you have them. We’ll set this up for you with the information you provide us. 


Email Marketing Integration

The theme has sections to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. If you want to use this feature then we will integrate with whatever email marketing service that you use (ie. Mailchimp).

What You Do Yourself


Write and Insert Your Content

You need to add your own content. This is simple to do to but we also provide you with plenty of training videos that show you exactly how to do it. 

Insert Your Images & Photos

You need to also insert your own images and photos. We’ll show you where you can access thousands of amazing free images, and the training videos will show you how to add them to your site.

If you would like everything done for you please see our Professional Package. Click here for more details.


Support Forum

Don’t worry if you get stuck or have a question. We have a support forum where you can ask questions and get help when you need it.

Website Review (limited time bonus)

This is a limited time bonus (still available if you’re reading this). Once you have finished building your website, send it over to us and we’ll get on Skype/Zoom with you for 20-30 minutes and give you a review. We’ll let you know of any ways we think you can improve it.

You Get All Of This For Just £297 + VAT

0r $397 USD

(approx: CAD $504 / AUD $555 /  / EURO €348)
*Final Cost Depending on current Exchange Rates.

3-month payment plans are available at no extra cost!

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